Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extruder Output

This is an extrusion rate calculator for flighted feed screws used in thermoplastic melt processing. The calculation is based on standard extruder screw geometry. Initially the calculation assumes a specific gravity of 1.0 g/cc. You can improve the accuracy of the calculation by entering the specific gravity of your polymer. Large diameter screw run at high RPMs will calculate very high rates not normally achievable in practice. Limit the RPMs to give a maximum 30 in/sec tip velocity. No compensation is given for high discharge pressures.

This calculator estimates the typical output for plastic screw extrusion processes. The calculation is based on standard extruder screw geometry and typical output rates.

First select the polymer. Enter or modify the other requested values and press calculate.

No compensation is given for high discharge pressures, high viscosity or screw wear.

Select Polymer
Barrel Diameter: in MM Diameter:
Current Screw RPMs: RPMs Typical Max RPMs:
Screw L:D to first vent or die: L:D (16-26 Typical Range)
Melt Density Gram/cm3 (See chart, Typical=1)
Tuning Factor Lbs/hr (See chart, Typical=1)
Typical Output Rate: Lbs/hr KG/hr
Potential problems if below: Lbs/hr KG/hr

If your extruder output is not satisfactory please contact for screw and barrel sales and repair.

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If the calculator does not support the polymer you are working with, or if your results differ significantly, please contact us at Extrusion Technical Services, developer of the calculator.